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Item No. : PE-SV-044
Product Name: Frozen seaweed salad
Specification: Green hot
Packing Size: 100g-2kg
Key Words: Hiyashi Wakame; Seaweed

Dried wakame, others


Frozen seaweed salad:produced by our company, adopting the good quality undaria growing in the pollution-free water of Shandong Peninsula, adding the seasonings of soy sauce, sugar, salt, lemon yellow, bright blue, malic acid, sodium glutamate, sorbitol, vinegar, pepper, sesame seeds, etc. , a kind of cold-dish with special taste, won the popularity at home and abroad, mainly exported to the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and other countries.
Application:eat after open or used as the matching food in cooking other dishes. Get it out one to two hours before eat to let it melt naturally. Dont use hot water to melt it in case the taste being affected.